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Ms. Neha is a Nutrition Consultant practicing since 14+ years. She is associated with many Private Hospitals and Fitness Organisations. She has a rich and varied knowledge in the field of Nutrition and with her thorough work experience/ outperforming results, she has built enviable client list of individuals and Corporate Clients.

She has been motivating thousands of people to reach their nutritional goals. Neha is now bringing Nutrition Management services directly to consumers healthcare providers and corporates at home. She started her practice in India and the idea of only came into her mind when she had to leave India and move to another country. She then realised that best to stay connected with her old clients as well as to make new clients was setting up an E-clinic which will ensure an easy and convenient mode for everybody across the globe to meet their health goals.

Neha holds Bachelors and Masters degree in Food science & Nutrition from Mumbai University, India. She has also done Certificate in Nutrition and Childcare (CNCC), from IGNOU, India. She holds post graduate diploma in Counselling and family therapy, (PGDCFT), India. She has done certificate  in Food and Nutrition (CFN), India. She has also done certificate in Nutrition and Health Education from Singapore. She is a renowned Fitness Nutrition and weight management specialist from Singapore.

Neha is a professional Speaker who uses dynamic and Interactive Seminars to teach simple and powerful strategies for achieving optimal health, energy and well being. Neha has an unique approach to her practice & provides advise that  is realistic, easy to follow and emphasises step wise changes, balance and flexibility. Neha is a strong believer that right mindset and right attitude is the key to develop a better lifestyle and a better human being.


Online Dietcare is a Junction that Offers Nutrition & wellness related services & provides a platform where professionals, Individuals and Organisations can interact and help spread good health & well -being.

So if you are determined to get back to fitness and have a turn around in your life, a little patience, a little determination and guidance from Diet Care is all you need.

Online Diet-care mission is to provide Practical and Logical Nutrition Solutions to Individuals and Organisations to meet their Health & wellness goals.

OUR Vision is to help more and more people who are in need of Professional Dietary Guidance to Improve their health and make their life and surrounding beautiful.

Online Diet-care has helped more than 2500 clients globally and has clients all across from 33 countries.

we Intend to to double this Number by the End of 2017., onlinedietcare, Dietician Neha, Singapore


Digestive wellness

Food allergies & intolerance

Healthy cooking / meal planning

Diet and Detoxification

Elimination diets

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