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Knows own name
Responds to "Stop‟ or "Come‟ or "No‟
Can use one word at a time (Eat, Water, Yes, No etc)
Explains what he/she wants
Knows 10 or more words
Ignores other people
Pays little or no attention when addressed
Uncooperative and resistant
No eye contact
Prefers to be left alone
Shows no affection
Fails to greet parents
Avoids contact with others
Does not imitate
Dislikes being held/cuddled
Does not share or show
Does not wave „bye‟ bye‟
Disagreeable/not complaint
Lacks friends or companions
Temper tantrums
Insensitive to others feelings
Insensitive to others feelings
Rarely smiles
Indifferent to being liked
Indifferent if parents leave
Responds to own name
Responds to praise
Looks at people and animals
Looks at pictures and TV
Plays with toys appropriately
Understands stories on TV
Does coloring and drawing
Appropriate facial expressions
Understands explanations
Aware of environment
Shows imagination
Aware of danger
Initiates activities
Dresses self
“Tuned in” – Not spacey
Wets pants, diapers
Curious, interested
Looks where others are looking
Eats too much or too little
Hits or injures others
Sleep disorder
Hits or injures self
Obsessive speech

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