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"My Own Story of Battling weight & Confidence from being Fit to becoming Fat & how I fought back ."

Updated: May 1, 2018

“Sometimes in life ...being a professional also ...we overrate our confidence and ability when life expects much more than what it’s giving us..... Do you want to know my own story n how I struggled to lose my post pregnancy weight in JUST 6 months ?!! Would love to share with you all !!! “

Dear all,

I am sure many of you ladies who are reading my blog will relate to my story.

Being a Dietician myself, many of my clients used to share their experience of weight gain post marriage and delivery. Every time I used to make them understand through my counselling & somehow motivated them to follow the program patiently.

I used to guide them well and help them to hit their goals however I never thought that I would face this similar kind of problem in my life too.

Since my childhood till I entered into my Adulthood, I always carried an atheletic physic.

I very well managed my health and my lifestyle on right track.

Despite of my work stress and uneven shifts (At work ),I ensured that my health was perfect. I used to eat right /kept myself hydrated and even went for regular exercise.

However being an athlete/ a fitness freak and a super active Dietician myself 😀,I was finding really hard and frustrating to lose my Super extra kilos which I had gained after my C Sec delivery in 2016. After my marriage I was detected with PCOS (Polycystic ovarian syndrome ) and Hypothyroidism ( the two most prominent syndrome prevailing in our society today ). I managed to conceive naturally by maintaining my health ( Thyroid and PCOS) through natural ( home based diet ), regular exercise & Weight maintainance.

I thought initially that it won't be difficult for me to lose weight as it’s my profession and took my health for granted out of over confidence 😣. I was loosing my confidence to appear in public which ended up giving me a lot of stress. I even tried to restart with my regular workout routine and gradually worked on my diet as well however it was becoming difficult for me to continue as I was alone and eventually failed in balancing both "my health and family". I had to ignore my poor health condition by giving priority to my family.☹️.