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Strawberry and Black Grape Raita

While raitas are usually made with vegetables, you might perhaps have made some fruity attempts with apples or oranges. But, have you ever thought of making a Strawberry and Black Grape Raita? You must try it to believe how fantastic it is!

This unusual combination of fruits transforms into a truly irresistible raita mainly due to the addition of cumin seeds powder and black salt, which help to enhance the unique flavours of the fruits while also balancing the taste at the same time.

Prep time: 5 minutes Cook time: 0 minutes Total time: 5 minutes Servings: 4


• 1/2 cup roughly chopped strawberries • 1/2 cup black grape halves • 1 cup chilled low-fat curds (dahi) • 1/2 tsp cumin seeds (jeera) powder • 1/2 tsp black salt (sanchal). • salt to taste


1. Combine the curds, cumin seeds powder, black salt and little salt in a deep bowl and whisk well. 2. Add the strawberries and black grapes and mix well. 3. Serve immediately.

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